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It’s the 1st April and reports from the media indicate that there are 65 deaths with Coronavirus in Newport and in the Valleys / Gwent. The virus is not to be taken lightly and people are requested to adhere to the self isolation request set out by the government.

Boris Johnson has been holding emergency meetings through out this and last week. New emergency measures have now taken place with schools closing and people asked to work from home. In certain areas, military has also been put on guard to secure hospitals and supermarkets.

China is normalising and travelling bans lifted. The country is also seeing a very high recovery rate from those who have been infected. Italy’s situation is worsening and the fatality rate has surpassed that of China. The US will become the epicenter of the pandemic next week with their deaths rising exponentially. Apparently countries surrounding the equator have seen the lowest or in some countries no deaths at all, which is surprising.

Please stay safe and keep washing your hands with detergents.

Confirmed cases in and around Newport and Gwent area is expected to be 65. The Valleys also have the highest death rate, even higher than London. Do not let the small numbers fool you.

Statistics around the Coronavirus can be found here.
Global Database can be here.
For those who like to see things graphically, this is the super dashboard.

We advise our readers to take extra precaution when going attending events where there is a crowd.


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